Range Rover

Land Rover: Off-road utility

The Range Rover was produced by the same company behind the Land Rover. Where the Land Rover was a rugged utility vehicle, the Range Rover took the Land Rover brand up-market. They created a vehicle with the off-road capabilities of the Land Rover, but with better road handling and passenger comfort. Unveiled on 17 June 1970 the Range Rover cost £1 998 at launch. It remained in production for 26 years with 317,615 examples manufactured. Sucessive generations of the Range Rover have culminated in 2012 in the appearance of the latest fourth-generation Range Rover, which still draws inspiration from the original vehicle.

Front illustration of Range Rover YVB 153H


Range Rover

  • 4,470Length (mm)
  • 2,540Wheelbase (mm)
  • 1,778Width (mm)
  • 1,778Height (mm)
  • 3.5LV8 petrol
  • 96Speed (mph)
  • 1,724Weight (kg)
  • 4WDFour wheel drive


  • Range RoverOff-road utility
  • 1970Start of vehicle production
  • 1996End of vehicle production
  • 317,615Total production run


During the 1950s the Rover Car Company looked at producing a more up-market Land Rover model. A number of prototype station-wagon models were produced. None of the prototype designs made it into production.In 1966 designers Spen King and Gordon Bashford began work on a new two-door concept. Chief stylist David Bache worked on refining the design.

The Range Rover was well received by the motoring press and public after its launch in June 1970. It was instantly popular and demand was high. In 1980 the Swiss Monteverdi company marketed a four-door conversion for the Range Rover.

An official Land Rover four-door model followed in 1981 and the two door model was soon discontinued. The Range Rover was given a revised front-end with a new 'horizontal' grille. Throughout production improvements were made to the specification and design.

In 1994 the second generation Range Rover 'P38A' was introduced. The original Range Rover stayed in production for another two years as the 'Range Rover Classic', testimony to the durability of the Range Rover's design.

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