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In 1956 Morris Motors introduced the Minor 1000 model, the third version of its successful Morris Minor model. Production of five variants - including the 2 and 4-door saloons and Traveller - continued with mechanical and aesthetic improvements introduced. The most notable changes were a larger capacity engine, a new grille and a single-piece front windscreen. By December 1960 the Morris Minor became the first British car to exceed sales of over one million vehicles. To mark this a special edition of 350 lilac-coloured Morris Minor Millions were produced. After two decades production was wound down by Morris with the convertible discontinued in 1969, with all production ceasing in 1971. The Minor remains popular to this day and is affectionately nicknamed the "Moggie".

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Morris Minor 1000

  • 3,759Length (mm)
  • 2,184Wheelbase (mm)
  • 1,524Width (mm)
  • 1,524Height (mm)
  • 948ccPetrol
  • 77Speed (mph)
  • 762Kerb weight (kg)
  • 5Variants


  • Minor 1000Family car
  • 1956Start of vehicle production
  • 1971End of vehicle production
  • 847,491Total production run


With over 500,000 Morris Minor variants produced across the original MM series and Series II Morris Motors introduced the Morris Minor 1000 in 1956. The model introduced a number of changes over the previous models. Engine power was uprated with a 946cc engine installed.

Notable changes to the exterior were a single-curved windscreen in place of the split-screen on earlier models. The rear screen on the 2 and 4-door models was also enlarged. The raised headlights on the front-wings, introduced on the Series II model were carried over, but the grille was wider and featured five horizontal elements. From 1961 the Morris Minor was fitted with combined side light indicators beneath the headlights.

Production continued apace, with the Morris Minor breaking through the million-model barrier in 1961. This was marked with the first special-edition model of a mass-market car in Britain. The 350 special Morris Minor Millions were painted in lilac and featured a white interior.

The last of 1,619,958 Morris Minor examples, a Traveller, was produced in April 1971. Today, ownership of a Morris Minor is a popular route into affordable classic car ownership.

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