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Morgan Motor Company: Sports car

The Morgan 3 Wheeler was launched in November 1910 by the Malvern-based Morgan Motor Company. The 3 Wheeler was a cyclecar, a lightweight body powered by a motorcycle engine. The simplicity of its design meant the 3 Wheeler was affordable to people on more modest incomes. The company's first cyclecar, the 'Runabout' model, gave way to a succession of improved models over the next four decades. Production of the 3 Wheeler survived both the First and Second World Wars, with the F-Series Ford engine-powered models continuing in production until 1952. Arguably the most iconic of the 3 Wheeler models was the 1933 Matchless MX V-twin powered Super Sports model (illustrated).

Front illustration of Morgan 3 Wheeler AKD 455


Morgan 3 Wheeler

  • 3,150Length (mm)
  • 2,210Wheelbase (mm)
  • 1,499Width (mm)
  • 1,092Height (mm)
  • 1.1LV-twin petrol
  • 80Speed (mph)
  • 3Wheels
  • 2Seats


  • 3 Wheeler Super SportsSports car
  • 1933Start of vehicle production
  • 1939End of vehicle production
  • 367Total production run


In 1909, in a small garage in Malvern, Harry Morgan developed a cyclecar with his own chassis mated to a 7 hp twin Peugeot engine. Following favourable comments, he produced a small number in 1910. Morgan successfully showed his cyclecar at the 1911 Olympia Motor Exhibition.

The 3-Wheeler was a sportscar, and by participating in time trials and cyclecar racing, the profile of the 3 Wheeler was raised. Such was the interest Morgan had more orders than he could deal with. Leaving the garage business, Morgan focused entirely on production of the 3 Wheeler.

With expanded premises, and by 1912 operating as a limited company, the business grew and over the following four decades the 3 wheeler developed from the first 'Runabout' model. Most models were two-seater cyclecars, but in 1915 a four-seater 'Family' model was introduced.

The First World War limited production, but it resumed with a succession of sports-focused models culminating in the Super Sports, with production ending in 1939. In 1933 the F-Series was launched with Ford power and a new chassis. Production ceased during the Second World War, and when it did restart sales of the 3 Wheeler declined. By 1952 production ceased, with over 30,000 examples manufactured.

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