Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin: Grand Tourer

The DBS was developed by Aston Martin in the late 1960s. Production of the DBS and later derivatives - including the a convertible 'Volante' version - continued for over twenty years until 1989. More than 4000 examples were produced and the DBS stands as one of the iconic cars of the decade. The DBS was a star of film and television, starring in the James Bond franchise film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" with George Lazenby playing the British agent and the ITC television series "The Persuaders!" as the car driven by Lord Brett Sinclair, played by Sir Roger Moore.

Front illustration of Aston Martin DBS PPP 6H 'BS 1'


Aston Martin DBS

  • 4,585Length (mm)
  • 2,611Wheelbase (mm)
  • 1,829Width (mm)
  • 1,331Height (mm)
  • 4.0LStraight 6 petrol
  • 140Speed (mph)


  • DBSGrand Tourer
  • 1967Start of vehicle production
  • 1972End of vehicle production
  • 4,021Total production run


Development of the Aston Martin DBS began in the late 1960s. The model was a replacement for the DB6, a car that was very much an evolution of the iconic DB5. Aston Martin originally commissioned Carrozzeria Touring of Milan to design the DBS, but they ceased trading in 1966.

Hurriedly British designer William Towns (1936-1993) produced a new design for the DBS; a modern reinterpretation of the classic Aston Martin lines. The DBS design was a muscular two-door coupe, with a bonnet air scoop, and four round headlights either side of a rectangular grille.

Officially unveiled on 25 September 1967, production of the DBS saw the car fitted with the straight-six engine inherited from the DB6. After the production of 787 examples, a V8 version was launched in 1969. The V8 engine was designed by Polish-born Tadek Marek (1908-1982) and would form the basis for Aston V8 engines until 2000.

A 'Bahama-Yellow' DBS, with V8 badging and alloy wheels was driven by Sir Roger Moore in the 1970s series 'The Persuaders!'. From 1972 the DBS was revised, with altered front styling, renamed the AM V8. Subsequent versions used the DBS shape, with revisions to mechanicals and styling, with production finally ceasing in 1989 with 4,021 examples built.

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